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3-day workshop on
all education and career stages
Experience of the most innovative region of the country. Open channel for communication with investors, partners, experts and people.
August 12 – 14, 2021
Education. Science and technologies. Labor market.
What is modern educational system?

How to prepare staff for economy in effective way straight from school?

How to help child in making of an informed choice of his/her future?

How to find oneself in the labor market after the age of 35?

How to keep and engage staff in educational system?
Preliminary program
Professional discussions, heated arguments, unique reports, workshops and interviews of recognized experts in the sphere of education and career.
Join and take part in development of your children and your republic future! Your voice will be heard!

If you have anything to tell or show, we are ready to visit you with a crew.
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Continuous daily work of online-studio will allow questioning of experts and getting prompt answers in real time. Participants from all over the world can connect regardless of their places of residence and type of activities.
Check the program and join sessions at any point in order to see presentations that are interesting for you. You may freely switch between scenes and listen to foreign speakers both in the original and in the translation.
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We Are open for progress and feel confident about the future.
Infrastructure development and workforce capacity building give us an opportunity to ensure high quality of education, to prepare creative, all-round and highly competitive specialists, real patriots of the country and mother republic.
The President of the Republic of Tatarstan
Rustam Minnikhanov
Videos may have different formats:

1. You may tell for camera about an interesting episode happen in your school in stand-up style
2. You may make up a song about school routine and film a video
3. You may make a vine on school daily routine anecdotes

Video runtime: from  20 seconds to 5 minutes

Before July 25, 2021 send us a link to your video to the following E-mail: tatarstancb@mail.ru indicating your mobile phone number and social networks account.

On August 01, all videos will be posted on 100tatarstan.com website for popular vote.
Your video should get the most votes to win the competition.
Competition results will be announced on August 12 in the “100% Tatarstan” online-forum.

On August 13, author of the most jockey video about the school will get his/her award in the live stream of the “100% Tatarstan” forum.

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